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Larry Runge 
Financial Services and Technology Leadership 

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Lawrence Runge is a technology consultant with the Deer Park Group. Larry has significant experience in engineering and technology industries along with commercial leasing and credit. Larry’s has successfully led a number of large complex projects resulting in the innovative application of technology to solve business problems. He has eight years of experience at the CIO level and has managed mid to large IT organizations.

Previously Larry was the Chief Information Officer and VP of Information Technology at Wheels Inc., a vehicle leasing and credit organization. At Wheels Larry redesigned and aligned IT and business processes and replaced an aging technology infrastructure. Key to Wheels long term strategy was the development of a B2B and B2C e-Commerce systems that drove a 50% increase in revenue while reducing administrative expenses by 30%.

Prior to Wheels Inc., Larry held technology and leadership positions at General Electric, delivering a wide variety of critical business applications including Spacecraft Operations business support, ERP, CRM, Executive Information Systems and others. As a director in GE Capital, Larry led an advanced systems technology group that fundamentally changed the way commercial vehicle fleets were serviced in the industry. Larry has played a key role in the successful reengineering of all information technology systems at three companies and is practiced with advanced risk mitigation techniques. He has managed several technical development and remediation projects using offshore resources and has worked extensively in Europe with technology organizations in the leasing and lending arenas.

Larry is a published author of Management and Information and Technology topics for publications including CIO Magazine, InformationWeek, ComputerWorld and Software Development magazine. He is a featured speaker at national and international IT conferences including the European Open Software Foundation, the World I/T Congress, the Society of Information Managers, Fleet Expo and Boston University. He has been quoted by Fortune, Forbes and CFO Magazine.