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Len Hendrickson 
Technology and Strategy Leadership 

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Len is a consultant with the Deer Park Group having over 25 years of management and practical deployment of Information Technology solutions in solving business problems. As a consultant and system implementer, he has worked in multiple leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies, middle market and start-up organizations. His management responsibilities ranged from administering a worldwide staff of 600 professionals to a headquarters staff of 5 professionals. He has led multiple advisory activities for Boards of Directors.

His versatility as a strategic thinker and a hands-on manager has resulted in a successful track record. In various roles, Len has led IT services in support of sales, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, financial and administrative functions. He has led the development of Three Year Strategic business plans and IT Service plans for Fortune 1000 companies.

Through Internet technology, on a domestic and global scale, Len has connected plant, sales and headquarters with customer and vendors. In so doing he has achieved significant ROI by prudent use of IT resources and application of business process reengineering methodologies.

Len has achieved significant successes in the following business arenas: Consumer products (golf, hardware, spirits, food and other products), automotive industry, pharmaceuticals and financial services. He has held leadership positions with Fortune Brands, Inc., Swedish Match NA, Holley Performance, Inc. and Carter Wallace Pharmaceuticals.

Len earned an MBA in Business System Management from Fordham University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from City University of New York, Queens College. He has held elected office as a member of his community board of Education and taught as adjunct professor of Information Technology at the college level. He has served on several non- profit boards and community service committees.