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Tim Baker 
Strategy, Operations and Technology Leadership 

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Tim Baker is an associate of Deer Park Group providing highly experienced business and technology leadership in assisting organizations solve their most complex problems. Tim has over 25 years of diverse business experience in technology, operations, and business strategy including over 10 years in the professional services industry and over 15 years as an operating senior manager. He is a strategic thinker and creative problem-solver with strong organizational and interpersonal skills. His broad-based management experience and proven record of accomplishments in information technology integration, planning and delivery are key elements of his successful track record.

Tim's key capabilities and experiences are in developing and aligning technology strategy with business strategy to drive the achievement of organizational objectives. Tim has created and implemented information technology strategic plans across multiple organizations and industries, orchestrated redesign of multiple corporate Information Services organizations and performed technical due diligence for corporate mergers and acquisitions.

In guiding professional services and business organizations, Tim is known as a strong leader and team builder who encourages high levels of performance and loyalty from those associated with him. He has recruited and hired technical, sales, and service teams, managed offshore applications and systems development efforts, and relocated multiple corporate functions and facilities.

Tim has senior operating and technology experience in multiple industries including the software industry, major petroleum producers, insurance and manufacturers. Mr. Baker has held leading positions in the professional services industry developing mission critical applications, software engineering processes and methods. He directed the delivery of management consulting and systems implementation services within the retailing industry for Fortune 100 clients.

In both insurance and petroleum industries, Tim held primary leadership roles in directing and managing applications development, systems and operations across diverse business units as well as applied hands-on experience in managing business functions.

Tim holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Systems and Mathematics from University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois and Masters in Management from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.